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Rustle-Up Your Own Chicken Wings at Home, in Just 2 Easy Steps

The boldest, juiciest, dirtiest chicken wings brand just got more explosive! Get your hands on the new Dirty Wild Wings 2-Step Meal Kit and make flavour-packed wings – in your own time, (from your own kitchen!).

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Fancy a Wildy Easy & Delicious Night-In?

Hold onto your apron strings – the rowdy bunch at Dirty Wild Wings have knocked-up a secret blend of 14 herbs and spices for a crispy breaded coating, along with a range of mouthwatering sauces to give every chicken wing bags of flavour and personality.

All you need to do is follow 2 wildly easy steps and get ready to dive into those wings, pronto!

Step 1: Get ‘em Crisp

Coat your wings in the breadcrumb mix and fry ‘till golden crisp.

Step 2: Get ‘em Dirty

Toss wings in your favourite dirty flavour, finish with a garnish, and get stuck in!