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About Us


We started out as a virtual brand, with a mission to put premium chicken wings on the map - in an increasingly demanding fast food scene.

Thanks to the Wild Bunch (who all serve up the wildest chicken wing flavours) we quickly became the biggest virtual chicken wings brand in the country!

And so, it only made sense to launch our dirtiest meals to physical venues, too.

Now, when you pop into a Dirty Wild Wings store you’re guaranteed to get your hands dirty – we’re all about all pleasure, and no guilt. Our wings are always coated in our secret 14 herbs and spices, fried fresh-to-order, and then coated in punchy flavours including Wild Buffalo, Jerkin’ Mess, and the seriously devilish Hot Fighter.

Need to liven up a lunch break?

Get your naughtiest chicken wing fix?

Grab a quick dinner that’ll fulfil your wildest fantasies (and then some)?

Swing on over to Dirty Wild Wings – where we leave our inhibitions, cutlery and good behaviour at the door.


Q: Tell me more about Dirty Wild Wings?
A: DWW started as a virtual brand focusing on gourmet wings. The first DWW physical store opened its doors in Touchwood, Solihull, in 2022.

Q: Is your food halal.
A: Yes, all our chicken is sourced from halal-certified local suppliers.

Q: Do you offer gluten-free options.
A: No. We use mixed kitchens, with the risk of cross-contamination. So cannot guarantee that any of the dishes would be gluten-free (or free of any other allergens, for that matter).

Q: Can I come and collect?
A: Yes, our first physical location is in Touchwood, Solihull. We are also available on Deliveroo and you can place orders online on our website.

Q: How do you ensure the high quality of all ingredients?
A: We use traditional methods of frying and cooking from fresh locally sourced ingredients. We have a strict operational manual to ensure the high quality and consistency are mantained.