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About Us

An absolute dream for all chicken wing enthusiasts. Dirty Wild Wings is based on the concept of gourmet fried chicken wings; but has taken it up a notch with six explosive and very distinct flavours. Guaranteed to satisfy all your fried chicken urges (and get those hands really dirty).

Our premium quality chicken wings are fried fresh-to-order in our special blend of 14 herbs and spices, and then coated in a unique, mouth-watering flavours.

Choose from the likes of the devilishly hot, Wild Buffalo to the Caribbean-inspired, Jerkin’ Mess. Or try the succulent Rival Wings: breaded two-joint wings; crispy, and just as delicious.

“Get ready for the ultimate Dirty Wild Wings experience. You’ll need both your hands for these!”


Q: Tell me more about Dirty Wild Wings?
A: DWW is a virtual brand focusing on gourmet ingredients and competitive pricing. The reason we can keep our prices low is that DWW can be added to already existing restaurant kitchens keeping operating cost low.

Q: Is your food halal.
A: Yes, all our chicken is sourced from halal certified local suppliers.

Q: Do you offer gluten-free options.
A: No. We use existing kitchens and there could be cross-contamination so can’t guarantee that any of the dishes would be gluten-free (or free of any other allergens, for that matter).

Q: Can I come and collect?
A: DWW is a delivery-only brand as we are a bolt on kitchen to existing restaurants. We are available on Deliveroo only and you can place orders online on our website.

Q: How do you ensure the high quality of the ingredients?
A: DWW brand uses traditional methods frying and cooking from fresh locally sourced ingredients. We have a strict operational manual to ensure that quality and consistency are sustained.